yogaAllianceWelcome to Maanas Yoga Shala
The Maanas Yoga teacher training will produce informed and confidant yoga teacher who is able to incorporate Asanas, meditation, mantras, music, chanting, channeling, scriptural studies and activism into a challenging and uplifting offerings to their students.

Besides Asana, Anatomy and Philosophy of yoga, our teacher training will provide you with a clear understanding of the internal, external and eternal realities of life and also provide you with the blue print for incorporating the body, mind, spirit and mystical aspects of yoga into a contemporary lifestyle, without losing the sight of the goal of practicing yoga which is to eliminate the root cause of modern day stress and move into FEARLESS LIVING.

Our teachers and faculty staff includes well qualified and experienced teachers with over 100 years of accumulative experience with the knowledge and practice that is firmly rooted in the yogic tradition. This distilled ancient yogic wisdom and modern science is composed like a symphony into a clear and easily understandable knowledge that can be applied to any aspect of life.

Client Testimonial

"A fusion of yoga and quantum science,perfect match for personal coaching"

Susan Foxley, Yoga teacher

The chakra reading was accurate and insightful. Yoga to balance the chakras is a great combination that creates lasting change."

Jerry Ciaramello, Certified Hollistic Coach

“Yoga, consciousness technology and yogic marketing… a superb recipe for high performance humans.”

Angela Magiar, High Performance Coach